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5th Apr 2021

Trailer 2021 Seattle Mariners Podcast

2021 Trailer for a free podcast found in iTunes about all things 2021 Seattle Mariners baseball for fans by fans.

Host: @AaronAviles

Co-Host: @jSloppy7

Co-Host: @TheHawkMariners


Welcome boys girls - guys gals and children of all ages to the 2021 Seattle Mariners Podcast. ... and in the spirit if Jim Nantz.. HELLO FRIENDS.

It's been almost a decade-long hiatus from Aviles Slopp and The Hawk's ramblings about our beloved ballclub. But the time has now come to dust of that rust, saddle up and kick the tires again for our boyz in blue... or teal... or whatever the hell that color is.

Very simply put this little trailer diddy is just to remind and refresh or introduce ourselves and in the spirit of what DiPoto or Pete Caroll would call a "re-imagining" 2021 ball club, the good the bad and the unfortunately not to uncommon ugly

You'll find us right here, weekly, for our musings, takes, & "what some , and by some I am referring to select few, would call " air quotes" witty banter..... but At best you'll be entertained, at worst, what the hell podcasts are free right!

so that's it. soak it up soak it in. let us begin... no wait that's an 90' rap song.. ... there's grass on the field so let's play ball. 

Show artwork for Seattle Mariners Baseball Podcast "Unofficial"

About the Podcast

Seattle Mariners Baseball Podcast "Unofficial"
A free podcast found in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, etc... about all things Seattle Mariners baseball for fans by fans.
A weekly show discussing ALL things 2022 Seattle Mariners baseball. Our show was launched back in 2010 originally but have been on sabbatical since May 4, 2012. Looking to bring our passionate fan takes on all things up and down the lineup, the good the bad, and the ugly.... which unfortunately is what we have had to mire through for 20 years. :( lol

Our show is hosted by Aaron Aviles alongside co-hosts Jeremy Schlosser and Marty Hawkins. All life-long avid Seattle area sports fans.

More beefier description & notes to follow as we continue to go down this 2021 Mariners rabbit hole hopefully alongside thousands of avid listeners and fans alike.

Let's Go!!!

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