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  • Anthony from New York

    Byrnes isn't actually the 3rd highest paid Mariner.. We're actually only paying $400,000 of his contract this year… I think this is the last year of his contract…

    P.S. – this team is so bad you might have to pick another team for your podcast. This team is brutally bad! Can't say I didn't see it coming. I've been bitching about Jack's decisions since he started making moves last season.

  • AJfromLummi

    Anthony From New York…isn't there a team in NY you can bandwagon…since you don't know what supporting a lifestyle means…

  • Anthony from New York

    AJfromLummi, what lifestyle do you speak of? If you're referring to the Mariners propensity for not making the playoffs year after year, then yeah! I completely understand you and this lifestyle you speak of must consist of perpetual delusion. Oh well, I clicked the “I liked this comment” button on your comment despite your misdirected anguish. Don’t be mad at me friend, be mad at your organization.

    When the Mariners put together a team worth watching, I'll watch! Until then, I’ll just check the statistics from my computer and watch another team.

  • Anthony from New York

    Things are looking up. We'll see what unfolds… I still think we have some major issues that need to be addressed, but you never know.

  • Anthony from NY

    Can we release every single player, manager, etc. in this organization except for Ichiro, Felix, Lee, Guti, Aardsma, and Figgy!

    By my calculation Seattle has 6 of the pieces needed to assemble a good team. Thar's a long way from assembling a good team.

  • AJfromLummi

    where'd you guys go? damn…just because we're on track for 116 losses doesn't mean we can't talk baseball….what up